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Affiliate Marketing – 3 Categories of Internet Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be categorized into three groups – unattached marketing, related marketing and involved marketing.

How you’re associated with a product is represented by one of the terms above.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into each category.

Unattached Affiliate Marketing

When you indulge in Facebook marketing or Google Adwords, you’re basically running an unattached affiliate marketing program.

20150728180414_affiliate-marketing-tipsThe benefits of this program are many – you do not require an online presence or an authority website. All you need to do is direct traffic towards your affiliate campaign, let customers click on it and once they buy the product, you earn a commission. These are also called pay-per-click affiliate marketing campaigns. If you want to learn more, you can check out affiliate marketing for dummies.

PPC is not the easiest form of internet marketing as it requires hard work, skills and a little amount of luck to make it a roaring success. It is a very impersonal kind of marketing where you’re shooting in a barrel of fish, hoping to catch a few, without any personal connection at all. Building a reputation and gaining credibility online require persistence and patience, which also pay off better in the other two forms of internet marketing.

Related Affiliate Marketing

You have a blog or a website or even a podcast online – in other words, you’ve a small presence. And you put up affiliate links to products that are related to your niche but not necessarily what you’re using.

For instance, you have a dog training website where you put up ads about popular dog grooming products and the best dog training schools online. You are not using those services but earning commissions through the customers that land on your website to get information about a dog training topic.

Involved Affiliate Marketing

images (2)This branch of affiliate marketing involves a lot of work and patience, but it pays off the best too. Something that you’ve used and loved, offered with wisdom and solid advice from your own experiences, makes the most money. People love to buy from people who they know have verified the product and will tell them all there is to know about it – the pros and cons and whether it is suitable for them, or not. Your honest suggestions and your personal nuggets of information are what sells the product easily through involved affiliate marketing.

Anybody can can buy any product online by reading a review or two. But most reviews leave out the personal connection that your audience actually craves for. If a product is not worth it, be honest and say it outright. Your customers will respect your opinion and come back for more sound advice.